Terms Of Swarna Dhara

Once the installment amount is fixed, it should be followed for the entirety of 16 months.

 Installments should be paid on or before the due date of every month, without exception, to avail the benefit.

Monthly payment should be regular and prompt. If any monthly payments get delayed, your maturity of benefit will be extended to next month.

 Payment can be made through post dated cheques. In case of cheque bounce Rs.250/- will be charged.

If card gets lost, duplicate card will be issued against payment of Rs.100/-.

Local taxes as applicable.

Until the scheme maturity, i.e. 16 dues and completion of 16 months, the scheme cannot be closed.

This scheme is valid for readymade jewels only. Diamond and platinum jewels cannot be availed for purchase under this scheme.

Vishwas jewels reserves every right over the terms and conditions of this scheme and can change the conditions at any time.

In case of any change in existing laws, rules, acts, etc., by a Regulatory authority, the necessary requirements have to be complied with, by the customer. Vishwas jewels reserves the right to do so, to comply with Government regulations.

Contact and online support:

Feel free to contact our office if you require any clarification regarding the Terms and Conditions or about the website and its contents. Our team will eagerly respond to you on your queries.


Vishwas jewels policies are rules and guidelines that create a safe and fair trading environment for all their customers. For promoting a safe trading environment, vishwas jewels enforces rules and policies. User Agreement is the most important policy. All users or members are responsible for reviewing and understanding VISHWAS jewel policies and all applicable laws and regulations of this contract.

Registration obligation:

All the information provided by the users has to be true, accurate, to the detail, current and complete as required by the registration process of www.vishwasjewels.com. If the user provide any information that is not true or accurate or to the detail or complete or current information and or if the management of Vishwas has a reasonable cause to suspect or consider that the information provided by you to be untrue or not accurate or incomplete or not to the detail or not current in concurrence of opinion with the user agreement, Vishwas has every right to cancel or suspend or terminate the membership and restrict the access with www.vishwasjewels.com indefinitely.


Registration in www.vishwasjewels.com is made easy and simple and it is free of cost. Registration includes few steps.

Contact & Personal information:

User has to enter their personal information such as Name, Address and Phone number. Personal information includes Date of Birth, wedding anniversary, ID proof, which www.vishwasjewels.com uses to verify the user’s details. After registration, User may change their personally identifiable information such as the login password in their profile by logging into their account and it is always advisable not to share your login details with anyone and to promptly update or modify the password to keep it protected.

Email& Phone verification:

User has to enter their email address/Phone number which serves as the medium of communication from www.vishwasjewels.com. User shall check the email/phone which provides the instruction for user to register and helps in registration process.

Acceptance of user agreement & Privacy policy:

Read the user agreement and privacy policy, if you accept to the terms and conditions of user agreement and with the privacy policy, check the box of acceptance to the contract. You must accept to the contract to continue registration. Else it is important that you should not use the website.

Confirm registration:

Check the phone for confirmation of registration. You will get the OTP, Please enter the OTP in the current text box to confirm your registration.

Termination of agreement:

The management of Vishwas Jewels has every right in terminating the membership and their agreement when it is found that any member violates the terms and conditions or privacy policy as such www.vishwasjewels.com may or may not provide notice to any member about terminating their membership and restricting them from accessing the website. It is required that the member has to erase or destroy the downloaded information or copied or data obtained otherwise from www.vishwasjewels.com under the user agreement or otherwise. Termination of membership shall not void the obligation of your payment towards the purchase of the merchandise. The user can terminate his/her membership by writing to the company that he/she no longer wish to use the service of www.vishwasjewels.com and discontinue further use of this website. Your request of termination shall be processed in 7 to 10 business days. However this shall not restrict the obligation of your pending payment due to the company.

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